Home Wellness Kit
For daily health monitoring & early risk identification
Senior’s Insurance
China’s first affordable insurance service dedicated to Seniors.
By AXA & Pingan
Nounou Robot
Senior’s companion robot
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In 2020, for the first time of human history, elderlies outnumbered children. The number is projected to grow by 40% before 2030 up to 1.4 Billion. Among them, many are living lonely far away from their children and are suffering from a shortage of healthcare professional. We spent 12Y R&D in US, Europe and China to deliver AI preventative platform. Our purpose is to help seniors to Live Longer Healthier and Happier at Home and bring Peace of Mind to their children who live afar from them.

We are shifting healthcare from disease-specific to patient-centric. Via our Home wellness kit, we offer multiple connected medical devices. We collect 5 dimensions of data into a patient digital twin. Our AI algorithms aim to analyze and detect, as early as possible, main chronic diseases risks such as diabetes, hypertension, Cardiovascular disease. Finally, with the consent of the patient, his digital twin profile is shared between home to hospital and the Healthcare Professionals to ensure seamless workflow of caregivers and continuity of care.


Following a combined 12 years of R&D in 4 countries, HiNounou has designed a comprehensive home wellness solution and ecosystem powered by AI & Healthcare Technology.
France - Switzerland - Poland - Netherland - USA - China - South Korea - Singapore - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia - Lebanon - Nigeria