Oxygen use has extended from inpatient to outpatient and are primarily used for the delivery of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and complications of hypoxaemia due to COVID. Consolidated knowledge of all oxygen devices and delivery systems is essential to devise tailored patient-based plans for oxygen therapy. Use of Oxygen Concentrator must be prescribed by doctors since it can cause severe damage to patients.

A typical oxygen concentrator may deliver oxygen flows of 0.5–5 L·min−1 (low-flow oxygen concentrators), while some models may generate up to 10 L·min−1 (high-flow oxygen concentrators). In most cases, 5L concentrators will be enough to cover the needs of patients. Due to Covid, there is a shortage of 5L concentrators. Consequently, many are using 10L concentrators with a twin derivative nasal canula for 2 patients.
There are two types of oxygen concentrators: stationary and portable. Stationary concentrators provide an uninterrupted oxygen supply with a flow ranging from 0.5 to 10–15 L per min. Based on your needs and patients pathologies, contact us and we will recommend the best fit for your needs.

Since we are in direct contact with the best concentrator manufacturers in China without any middlemen, we offer best value for money despite current shortage of Concentrator. All our factories got ISO 80601-2-69 which have the only requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of oxygen concentrator equipment. All our concentrators have CE/CFDA-NMPA and/or US FDA.
Contact us at support@hinounou.com for inquiries and we will answer within 24 hours
Warning during the COVID crisis
Beware of greedy intermediaries and factories who are taking advantage of high shortage of concentrators to cheat buyers at all levels of supply chain from China to India or in your country. We are hearing every week sad stories of buyers coming to us who have been cheated on the quality of the concentrators and at the worse cases, lost all their money to cheaters in China that pretended to be official licensed Medical devices export companies. There are also shameless traders (inside and outside China) who hijacked Zeolite that are produced outside China and resell 3-10 times the normal price to Chinese concentrators factories. Consequently, at the end of May 2021, many factories are not able to deliver concentrators even though their pipeline of orders are completely full. Unfortunately, some non-ethical factories will accept the buyer’s money knowing that they cannot deliver their products.
Knowing that buyers are not just buying a concentrator but are buying their peace of mind, HiNounou uniqueness is that OUR PRICE INCLUDES:
√ On site factory Q.A Quality Assurance during the whole production to ensure zero default.
√ On site factory Q.C Quality Control with live video-conf call with buyer before shipment. Sampling testing can be managed remotely by the buyer.
√ When it is possible, we negotiate directly with our factory emergency shipment on case by case situation.